In most areas of Karen State, Myanmar there is little opportunity for children to get education above 7th grade, and if it’s available, students have to travel far from their families to attend the school. Even though the Karen Education Department (KED) has worked hard to provide complete curriculums and education for Karen children, their education system is yet to be nationally recognized and there are no opportunities for students to attend university in Myanmar or anywhere else, with only a diploma from a Karen high school. Partners Relief and Development want to provide a GED preparation program that encourages and prepares students to take a GED exam and apply to upper-level University or college education.

Therefore, Partners Relief and Development is currently seeking a dedicated, motivated, qualified applicant to fill the following position.

Position Title: English Teacher
Number of position available :1 or 2
Length of contract: 3 – 7 months
Stipend: None available, this position is volunteer in that they will have to pay for all of their own expenses.
Location: Hsa Kaw Hser Village, Umphang District, Tak, Thailand
Role: Teach English to students and assist them to be ready for the GED exam
Reports to: Education Department Head (Partners Relief and Development)
Start of Assignment: As soon as possible
Application Deadline: As soon as possible


Key Responsibilities and Job duties

  • Prepare daily lesson plans appropriate for the level of the students in the class.
  • Take Part in students’ admission and recruitment processes.
  • Identify varying teaching methods that work best for students who learn differently.
  • Assist in developing and improving curriculum.
  • Attend trainings, workshop, and meetings organized Partners.
  • Compose monthly teaching reports, work activities, to be sent to the coordinator by the last week of each month.
  • Regularly update supervisors on academic issues and seek advice on any issue which need intervention before taking action.
  • Promote actions/behaviors that respect students’ dignity and diverse religions, cultures, and customs.
  • Maintain and closely monitor the attendance of students both in class and outdoor activities.
  • Communicate and consult with students regarding their assignments, studies, and assessments.
  • Conduct regular assessment and exams to measure program outcomes.


Require Qualifications and skills

  • Experience working in teaching and education related fields or have a TESOL certificate.
  • Proficient in computer such as Microsoft word, Excel and Powerpoint and digital/online communication (skype).
  • Have a genuine interest in young people and demonstrate patience, tolerance, and understanding.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students, colleagues, administrators, parents, and the community at large.
  • Possess report writing skills.


Additional Qualification

  • Prepare to work occasionally after hours and be on call for emergencies.
  • Ability to travel and stay in remote, rural areas.
  • Ability to work within a Christian framework and be sensitive to its various expressions across culture and denomination.


Application Process
If you are interested in this position please contact to start the application process.

Du kan også ta kontakt med daglig leder i Partners Norge, Anne Sofie, for en samtale og mer informasjon.
Anne Sofie A. Elgseter, mob. 91793095,